Meet the Staff

Charlotte Jero is the owner, as well as an instructor, at First Class Cosmetology School. She began her career in the cosmetology professional in 1987, becoming a licensed practitioner in the State of Wisconsin. She graduated from JGM Cosmetology School and immediately began her career in education working as an instructor for her alma mater. In 1990, she opened her own nail salon, First Class Nails. After a few years, she responded to a need for well-trained nail techs, cosmetologist, and estheticians and opened First Class Cosmetology School. Charlotte has experience in many facets of the industry, and has advanced training in business related fields as well as in nail technology and haircutting. Charlotte’s passion is in educating students to become successful graduates, and her experience in the industry shows in every class she teaches.


Director – Angie McCaslin has managed FCCS since 2002. In 2011, she transitioned from full time instructor to our Financial Aid Director. She is passionate about the success of FCCS and the students and graduates. She puts uncompromising energy and effort  into making FCCS an unprecedented learning institution . She is proud of the staff, students and graduates of FCCS and is excited to continue in success for many years to come. Her experience in school management and education will ensure the schools’ future accomplishments and growth.

Dean of Students/Instructor - Stephanie Acres is an experienced cosmetologist and educator. She began her career right here with FCCS as a graduate in 2003. Her attention to detail, organization, advanced skills and positive vibe makes her the go to resource for all students attending First Class Cosmetology School. We feel this role for her is a perfect fit as not only all of the students but the staff as well value her knowledge, skill and advice. She has an ability to guide and correct in the most positive way. Stephanie also provides direct support to our entire student body and over sees all programs. She meets with all students during evaluation periods to determine progress, review service numbers, skill set, and address any academic needs our students may have. If ever an issue, need or concern, Stephanie will work hard to find a resolution. Her years of experience makes it easy for her to spend time in the class room as she is our Hair Color Theory Instructor. She doesn't like to be cooped up in an office for long so is also very visible and an additional resource of support on our Clinical Floor.

She is our "Mama Hen".

Instructor - Annie Rabczak is an experienced Nail Technician who owns her own part time nail business as she is in high demand to her clients. She works with several mediums for artificial nail enhancements and excels with designs and her creative nail art. She works part-time with our nail students and teaches our advanced nail classes for our cosmetology students. We love her willingness to help any of our students as they learn in every possible way. We can say we adore her personality and you will never see her with out a smile on her gorgeous face. 

Instructor  – Briana Thomas has been with us since she graduated from here in 2014 as an employee. She has worked in a few different local salons, but we really just needed her all to ourselves so she was brought on as a full time receptionist. Soon after she began her Instructor in training program. Briana has put in the time, effort, and work and is currently our Classroom Theory Instructor creating an amazing foundation in our students education. She is great at multi-tasking and we take full advantage of that trait. Briana facilitates our final exams and sets each one of our students up for success when it comes to taking their written and practical State Board Examinations for Wisconsin and Illinois. She is a straight shooter and we love that most about her! Briana is such a positive asset to this school and we are happy to have her.

Instructor - Danielle Tyler is a very experienced educator and stylist. She too is an FCCS graduate from 2012. Danielle appreciates and strives for organization and consistency with our students. She works as both a Clinical Floor Instructor as well as a Theory Instructor sharing her expertise in hair cutting and styling. If ever in need of a fabulous "blow-out" she's your gal! She truly has a strong skill set and possesses the ability to communicate those skills to new learners in this industry. She will hold you accountable for being present and putting in the work required to excel! Danielle consistently works to motivate and inspire our students to be great! If ever on our clinical floor you will know as her laugh is contagious. 

Instructor - Destiny Ottaviano is an experienced stylist as well as the newest addition to our instructional staff. She is a graduate of FCCS in 2018. Destiny has spent the last 3 years of her career working behind a chair making her clients gorgeous! She came to us as a receptionist in early 2021, as we watched her blossom we noticed her talent in this industry wasn't being used to its full potential and knew right away she was born to teach. She exudes professionalism and keeps calm in stressful situations. She knows and understands what it takes to be successful in this industry and works hard to ensure each student attending First Class will receive the education needed to begin their journey. Destiny strives for excellence and will make sure each of you are putting in the work necessary for your future success! We cant wait to watch her grow in her teaching career. She's a ROCKSTAR!

Instructor - Monica Krey  joined our staff in 2016 becoming our Lead Instructor for not only our Aesthetic but our Manicuring Program as well. She is the jack of all trades in this industry also holding her massage therapist license which will soon come in handy as she will also be leading our instructional team for that which is new program addition to First Class Cosmetology School. She not only works specifically with students enrolling in the Esthetic and Manicuring Programs but she also has been teaching our advanced skin care classes for our cosmetology students. Our students enjoy the option of taking their education in Cosmetology to the next level and enjoy her classes to the fullest. We love her upbeat and positive atmosphere she brings to all of classes. She is passionate and loves what she does and it shows daily within our student body.

Front Desk Coordinator - Leah Morales-Cruz  is the glue that holds this place together. The front desk coordinates the scheduling for each student and is the face that greets our clients upon arrival. She answers incoming calls, checks clients in and out for their services, aids in tracking daily student attendance, and really, so much more. She also keeps our Facebook viewers up to speed on all of our weekly and daily specials with her creative posts so don't miss out on those. The front desk is an extremely demanding position and with out a doubt we can say Leah works hard to keep the desk organized and running like a well oiled machine.