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What you learn in the manicuring program:

Sanitation procedures, Anatomy & Physiology, Nail disease and disorder, Client consultations and interactions, Manicures, Pedicures, Gel polish application,  basic nail art techniques, Introduction to Artificial Enhancements: Acrylic, Hard gel, Polygel, fiberglass, acrylic dip, and using a electric file.

Our manicuring students learn to use an array of professional nail enhancement products. We have whirlpool spa chairs to ensure nail students are well-prepared to work in their field.


Our 350-hour program meets all state requirements. We have arranged our manicuring program to offer flexibility in scheduling.  You must be able to attend 20 hours per week.  You will have one required classroom day and the remaining hours can be created by you when your training begins.  The program is taught as an independent study for your theory(bookwork) hours guided by your instructional staff and a detailed class syllabus.  It is a non-traditional teaching platform and requires students to be focused, motivated and capable of independent study and work.  The course takes approximately 12-20 weeks to complete based upon the hours you put in.  This is a short term program, and therefore, ineligible for financial aid. With the length of the program we anticipate and expect proficiency in the  skillset of manicures, pedicures and gel polish application.  Your skill development with artificial enhancements will very much continue after graduation.  If  nails is your passion, but you also have an interest in hair and skin care you may want to consider our cosmetology program


2024 Start Dates: 2/19, 6/10, & 9/16

                                                                                         *Additional dates may be added if needed 

Manicuring Program Tuition & Fees: 350-Hour Program

Tuition: $3,600.00

Equipment: $800.00

Application: $10.00

Registration: $90.00

Total Charges: $4,500.00

We offer a discount for payment in full or can break the total tuition and fees into payments while attending school.  The balance must be upon completion. 

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